AudienceScience Expands in Asia Pacific

AudienceScience, a digital marketing technology company, is expanding its investment in Asia Pacific with a new data center in Hong Kong and two new offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. The company also has a presence in Tokyo.

AudienceScience’s Mark Connolly said: “AudienceScience has been in APAC since 2010 and has seen significant evolution in the digital advertising market. RTB is currently missing in APAC, but AudeinceScience clients are the most advanced in the region and continue to lead the adoption of more efficient and effective buying methods. With our recent technology investments, AudienceScience is positioned to continue providing industry-leading technology to its APAC clients.”

AudienceSciende CEO Like Peralta added: “APAC is a critical market for our clients and for AudienceScience. With more advertisers recognizing the value and importance of APAC, AudienceScience is dedicated to providing technology on par with that available to European and North American advertisers. We will continue to invest in the technology and staff needed to ensure that our clients receive world-class product and services across the globe.”