Indonesia’s Eastspring Investments Launches Business in Jakarta

Eastspring Investments, an asset management firm based in Indonesia, recently drew upon its Asia investment experience to launch its institutional business in Jakarta.

CEO Riki Frindos stated: “The launch of Eastspring Investments’ institutional business is in line with our commitment to make our deep investment knowledge available to institutions and retail customers alike in Indonesia.”

“Eastspring Investments Indonesia offers a wide variety of investment capabilities across a range of asset classes, with a primary focus on Indonesia’s equity and bond markets,” he added.

While launching its business, the Indonesian firm hosted a seminar entitled “Facing the Challenges of a Graying Asia,” with guest speakers including global strategist Robert Rountree and University of Indonesia Professor Suahasil Nazara.

During his presentation Rountree explained: “An aging population is a phenomenon not limited to developed nations. The challenge of preparing for an aging population in developing nations is increasing, while the birth rates in Asia have fallen well below birth rates in Europe and the U.S.”

He went on the explain that the region’s aging population will have an impact on the dependency ratio, government spending on health care and pension, taxes, work forces and investment capital for developing markets.

BlackRock CEO Dicusses Megatrends at the 16th Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference

The 16th annual Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference was recently held in Hong Kong. The event featured speeches from leading investors and entrepreneurs, and provided a forum for debate and discussion on the global economy and investment insights.

Many attendees emphasized the significance of the Asia-Pacific region, which continues to provide investment opportunities as local industries develop. Popular topics included key trends such as emerging markets investing, online opportunities in China, and developments in the Eurozone.

Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock Laurence Fink discussed four “megatrends” at the AIC: