Uber Battles it out in China

Uber is now hoping to raise $2.5bn for its China unit. This would double the amount the company has already raised.  They are locked, at the moment, in a fierce fight with their Chinese rival, Didi Kuaidi. They have already raised $3bn in a round that closed recently. The race for the market between the two companies will be determined by who can raise the most money. Uber’s Chinese investors include Baidu, while Didi’s include Tencent and Alibaba.
Uber has said it plans to invest $1bn this year in China. Chief Executive Travis Kalanick described it as “one of the largest untapped opportunities for Uber, potentially larger than the US”.

Uber just announced a new carpooling service in Chengdu, Southwest China. This is the first time that they have launched a brand new service outside of the US. The service is being called “UberCommute” and it will enable long-haul commuters to pick up other passengers for a free who are going in the same direction.