Asia Week NY Attracts Expansive Attention

Museum curators around the world flocked to the recent Asian art extravaganza held in New York.  Asia Week New York – which took place between March 10 and March 19 – attracted museums representing a wide range of art.

As Chairman of the event, Lark Mason noted:

“Despite headlines of the Chinese economy affecting Asia Week New York, the galleries saw steady traffic throughout the week, and the four major auction houses including Bonhams, Christie’s, Doyle, and Sotheby’s saw sales that were robust.”

And by the turnout of museum curators, he was right.  There were 45 top-tier global Asian art specialists, five major auction houses, 16 museums, including:  the Asian Art Museum The Brooklyn Museum, The Laurence Miller Gallery of New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Newark Museum, the San Antonio Art Museum and The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, to name but a few.

Brothers Ali Aboutaam and Hicham Aboutaam were at the event as co-owners and representatives of Phoenix Ancient Art. Their gallery display comprised artifacts from their US and Swiss galleries including a Chinese Bronze Buckle with Monkeys, Chinese Terracotta Figure of a Kneeling Court Lady and Chinese Wooden Figure of a Court Lady. In addition, visitors were given the opportunity to benefit from tours prepared by Alexander Kruglov, their archaeology specialist.

The week was been very good for many museums.  Laurence Miller – representing his museum at the week-long event for the first time, had a very positive experience too.  He said: “Numerous museum curators visited our gallery and we made sales to several of them including the Nelson-Atkins Museum.”  Similarly, Alexander Gherardi of Phoenix Ancient Art said that the gallery was “able to reach the Asian art crowd that we have never interacted with before, and received very complimentary responses, which was quite validating for us since Chinese art isn’t our main area of expertise as our focus is on Western Mediterranean and Egyptian antiquities.”

And, of course, there was the success of Sotheby’s, the art broker that took home $55.2 million in sales!