Short-Selling Will Be Made Easier by Chinese Regulators

The news on investors’ minds today, including those managing Oasis Management Hong Kong, is what will be the consequence of the Chinese plan to introduce a new way to make it more convenient for investors to short-sell locally traded equities.

Chinese regulators are determined to help bring its markets to a place more in line with standards which are in place all over the world. The hope is that the move to make short-selling easier will help stimulate the hedge fund industry in China.

In order to achieve its goals Chinese leaders in Beijing plan to start a group called the Centralized Securities Lending Exchange, which they hope will be in place by the end of March this year, which will act as a platform for short-selling activities.

According to a report, China’s market regulator, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, will be the largest shareholder in the new exchange.

China May Not Import Corn from the U.S.

The United States Grains Council announced that China may not need to import corn from the U.S.  this year.

The group explained that China has no need to “rush into the market,” as they had a successful harvest themselves. Prices have risen to nearly $6.00 a bushel, as well. Still, China may watch to see if the prices fall below $6.00.

As of now, however, corn for the December delivery jumped by 2.1%, to trade at $6.105 with Beijing.