Netflix Comes to Japan

The Japanese market is abuzz with the news that Netflix, the streaming video provider, is coming to the Japanese market.  They entered the New Zealand and Australian markets in March of 2015 and they will be launching in Spain, Italy and Portugal in October. Their goal is to achieve a presence in 200 countries by the end of 2016.

As Reed Hastings, chief executive officer at Netflix said, “With its rich culture and celebrated creative traditions, Japan is a critical component of our plan to connect people around the world to stories they love. As we expand into Asia, we’re excited Netflix members increasingly will have access to some of their favorite movies and TV shows no matter where they are.”

Netflix plans to open a regional office in Tokyo. As Gregory K. Peters, who will be the general manager of Netflix Japan said, “It is an honor to bring Netflix to Japan, and we’ll work hard to please consumers there. People in Japan soon will have access to great entertainment from all over the world for a low monthly price, while our more than 57 million members will benefit from increased access to great Japanese films and TV shows.”