Asian Hedge Funds Continue to Attract Investors

Asian hedge funds and other equities may be struggling with national and economic limitations and with hedge fund compliance, but investors have taken interest in such firms nonetheless. For example, Oasis Management Hong Kong has the support of multi-national institutions, European banks, and leading financial firms.

New partnerships between American and Asian firms are established on a regular basis. Billionaire Julian Robertson is currently working on a new investment partnership with a focus on Asian equities. Called Tiger Pacific Capital, LP, the new enterprise will be led by Run Ye, Junji Takegami and Hoyon Hwang, according to Robertson’s firm, Tiger Management LLC.

Though Tiger Management was originally built as a hedge fund, Robertson, 80, shifted focus over ten years ago to invest his own fortune in hedge fund managers. Tiger Management has employed more than 40 portfolio managers and analysts who subsequently formed their own firms and became known as ‘Tiger cubs.’ Those built after the change are known as ‘grand cubs.’